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Allows you to gain a better understanding of your IT needs and the technologies you depend on most. Through an initial conversation with Technic representative, you'll learn about the most important aspects of IT.


About Us

TECHNIC provides solutions and products of highest quality for Industrial, Commercial and communication markets. We collaborate with world leading suppliers to provide solutions of highest quality and standards. Our professional team has extensive expertise in the various technologies related to the solutions we provide, applying best practices and methodologies they have been playing a strong consultative role, delivering superior services, demonstrating commitment and dedication.

Our Mission is to achieve the reputation of a quality, high standard & reliable solution & service provider company in the ICT and communications industry .
  • Integrity .
  • Customer Experience .
  • Teamwork .
  • Innovation .
To be the biggest technology enabler for building the future of our customers .

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Our Solutions

We provide most smart solutions

If you are looking to renovate your infrastructure, accelerate application development, improve productivity and collaboration, or better manage and optimize your data, Technic has a solution to fit your organization’s needs

Data Centers & Communication Rooms
Active Network Components
Network Infrastructure
Environment Control and Monitoring System
Access Control Systems
Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Systems
Building Management Systems Services
CCTV and IP CCTV Systems
Audio Video Systems
Data Center Solutions

Data Center and Communication Rooms

We design, build, operate secure and energy efficient Data Centers and Comm Rooms that meet the highest International Standards Our in house network team is highly experienced in the design and implementation of a reliable, flexible and secure data center server room or wiring closet that will maximize the lifespan of your investment .
• UPS System (Uninterruptible Power Supply) .
• All kind of electrical works ( lighting, ... ) .
• Fire Detection, Alarm and Suppression Systems .
• CRAC system, Temperature and Humidity controls .
• Raised Floor System and all kind of civil works
• Monitoring Systems

Network Solutions

Network Infrastructures Active / Passive

We provide support in the planning, design, implementation and services in intelligent technologies that serve the new generation of mobile device users maintain all network operation .
• Routers, Firewalls, Switches, Servers, Wi Fi and all other Active Components
• Network and Server Racks
• Integrated to the cloud services to optimize you IT operational support while get your budget to be more efficient
• All kind of conduits, pipes, cable trays and its accessories, 1 st Fix works as per standards
• All kind of Fiber and Copper cables (vertical and horizontal), 2 nd Fix works as per standards
• Patch panels, Patch cords and all other accessories

Security Solutions

Physical Security Systems

Our security solutions focus on our clients most critical issues which involves the use of multiple layers of interdependent systems that can include CCTV surveillance, protective barriers, locks, access control system, perimeter intrusion detection, deterrent systems, and other systems designed to protect property
• Designs, integrates, and supports all types of security solutions
• Supply and install all types of CCTV Systems
• Supply and install all types of Access Control Systems

Multimedia Solutions

Audio and Video Solutions

We Design and build of integrated audio visu al solutions and services for enterprise environments
• AV Technology Solutions for Boardroom, Meeting Rooms and Huddle Rooms
• Interactive screens whiteboards
• Cameras, projectors mobile screens
• Wireless Presentation Systems
• Digital signage solutions
• Video Walls Solutions
• Public Address and Musical Systems

Our Services

We provide most quality services

Our expert team works collaboratively with your business and technical teams to understand your organization needs and develop a detailed strategic Plan for implementing, integrating, launching and maintaining your business solution .

Consulting and Managed Services

Consulting and Managed Services

We are more than just consultants, it is a leading digital transformation firm providing quality managed services, development, technology consulting and outsourcing partner :
- Technic Consultation is your thought partner in making critical investment decisions
- We offer a fully managed end to end business intelligence solution and expert advice that you can depend on
- Developing a wearable technology roadmap
- Prioritizing partnership and acquisition targets
- Fast services results
- Our experts can mobilize to assist your local project and deliver the solution in your timescale
- Cost effective IT optimization
- Turning IT into a major contributor to a business performance
- Analyze your business needs and help you make strategic decisions on the fast and successful implementation of business critical solutions .

Project execution and management

Project execution and management

After project planning, we execute, manage and knowledge transfer to meet key project objectives and goals .
- Working in close partnership with the senior consultants, to achieve client business goals by developing a clear cut, transformative strategy that will deliver results .
- Provide project management, technical support and inquiries through out the IT projects .
- Understanding client needs, discussion, audits, research, advice .
- Review options, recommendation, business case, solution design, proposals .
- Approvals, purchasing, project management, installation, training, review .
- Support services, monitoring, remote management, patching and updates .
- Change management, client reviews, reconsider objectives, new technologies .

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

Our expert engineers and technicians are first class at what they do, fully trained and accredited in all the latest technologies, they re ready to support you across a wide range of environments
- We help clients to plan ahead for all kind of contingencies that are most likely to disrupt the business .
- Protect your business from downtime and disaster, “With no data, you have no business” .
- Protecting client critical systems and data, “prevention rather than cure” .
- Strategic guidance and advice, working with the client to create a solution meet the unique recovery objectives .
- Monitoring and management to ensure client backups are a success .
- Regular testing which means even less for client to worry about .
- All our engineers and technicians are fully accredited and trained to support you .

Planning, Design and Implementation

Planning, Design and Implementation

Our service process always begins with a planning and technical analysis, in order to design and implement the most efficient solution
- Cloud Planning, Design, and Implementation Services .
- IT Planning Design and Implementation Service .
- Providing Network Infrastructure solution Design, Methodology, Policy Procedure .
- Planning for a solid Infrastructure for information technology .
- Specialized drawings and custom content creation related to your project design work .
- Defines IT systems performance metrics, identifies potential areas of concern and offers recommendations .
- Represents customer as their dedicated IT focal contact to deal with multi vendors implementation project .

Operations & Training

Operations & Training

We maintain the operational stability and offer end to end learning solutions for professionals who are looking at securing their technical skills
- IT operations analytics and quality assurance as well as infrastructure management .
- We deliver effective services at the required quality and cost .
- Network administration, device management and all kinds of help desks .
- Focus on advancing and improving business requirements while maintaining the operational stability .
- Increased the ability to make preemptive and immediate corrective actions that minimize risk .
- Maximized efficiency and improve productivity and profitability .
- We help develop and deliver training for your in house applications .
- We offer advice in configuring your training rooms .
- Complement any required training with workshops based on your own data .
- Our business backup and continuity services can be tailored to suit all kinds of clients needs .

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Technic free IT consultation allows you to gain a better understanding of your IT needs and the technologies you depend on most. Through an initial conversation with Technic representative, you'll learn about the most important aspects of IT.
This initial consultation allows us to learn more about your business and your specific IT needs and gives you the opportunity to learn about Technic reliable IT Services and Solutions.

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